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A visit inside a Kingdom home


Series: Colossians

Passage: Colossians 3:18-25

Speaker: Terry Maxwell

Before we meet Christ we are rough, jagged, different from a life in Christ.
As we spend more time in the Word, in prayer, and in community with other believers and are immersed in that
life we are smoothed a little more becoming something different. The more time we spend with Christ the more
like Him we become. Our jagged edges are worn away, our thoughts and actions become more in line with his.
Christ wants your life to transform you. He wants to transform your marriage, your parenting, and your
worklife. He doesn’t want parts of you, He wants it all so he can transform it all. The more access he has to all
parts of our life, the more we can impact people for him. Those close to use in our homes, and those we come
in contact with daily in our work. If you are keeping parts of your life from him, pray for help to open those
areas up and change those parts to be more in line with the Spirit. If you are struggling at home, reach out to
believers who’ve been there or seek help. Christ is the key to change in your life, there is no self-help book that
will change your home, but there is a book that can teach you to become more like the one who created
marriage. Access it daily, to take away the rough edges of your life.