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Joel and The Day of the Lord


Series: The Greatest Story Ever Told

Passage: Joel 1:1-3:21

Speaker: Andrew Seley

Joel and The Day of the Lord

16 of 18 – “The Greatest Story Ever Told”

Joel | February 19th, 2023

Pastor Andrew Seley


“The Day of the Lord” is meant that time when, for his glory and their good, God actively intervenes in the affairs of men in judgment against sin and in connection with his determined will for his own.”


1. Day 1 – The Army of Locust (Past)
A Life of Repentance:

i. Assemble
ii. Lament

    2. Day 2 – The Army of Babylon (Coming)
    A Life of Repentance

    iii. Fast
    iv. Repent

    3. Day 3 – The Army of the Lord (Future)
    A Life of Repentance
    v. Holy Spirit
    vi. Jesus