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The Never-Ending Story


Series: The Gospel of Mark: The Kingdom of Jesus

Speaker: Mark Johnson

The Never-Ending Story     

 Mark 4:35-41


I.  Following Jesus because of - (vs.35-36)
     A. What He Says.
     B. What He Does.
II. Following Jesus into the storm. (vs. 37-38)
The Lake (Map)
     B. The Boat
III. Following Jesus  still without faith. (vs.39-40)
IV. Following Jesus because of who He is. (v.41)








Remember- A follower of Jesus is given a supernatural calling!

Heb. 11:1  Faith is the Assurance of things hoped for.

The conviction of what is yet to be.

After going through the storm and getting to the other side, your love and commitment to Jesus Christ will be based upon knowing Who He Is. It must be based upon knowing Who He Is.

Closing Illus. The Ferguson family.