Women's Ministry

Women's Ministry Deacon, Gordon Hatteberg 


Moms' Prayer Group

During the academic year, mothers from our region gather to pray for our community, homes, schools, students, teachers, faculty, and administration. Join the prayer movement every Wednesday morning from 8:30 am - 9:30 am in the Youth Room at West Lisbon Church.  Childcare is available.  Questions? Contact: Kari Friestad or Rachel Andersen


Women's Bible STudy

Fall 2020 We will be diving into God's Word together to learn about overcoming anxiety and fear. How do we live realistically and confidently, enjoying the serenity God offers in the midst of a troubled world? Join us and let the truth of God's word bring light into the dark corners we all experience.  Check the calendar for exact dates. No childcare will be provided. Questions? Contact: Becky Meyer


Women's Bible Fellowship

Women's Bible Fellowship is for women of all ages. We meet during the Sunday school hour (when Sunday school is in session during the school year) in the conference room near the west entrance to the fellowship hall.  Our focus is on prayer for each other and for the church and scripture memory.  Optional book study. Questions? Contact: Janine Johnson and Becky Meyer.


President: Janet Long
Treasurer: Denise Cox
Secretary: Lois Whalen
Calendar Committee: Janet Long
Altar Coordinator: Jessica Nelson
Condolence Coordinator: Lois Whalen
Nursery Coordinator: Megan Gunier
Encouragement: Kelli Diaz
Quilting: Sue Larson
Kitchen: Patsy Mathre
Library: Janine Johnson
Meal Coordinator: Hannah Maxwell
Women’s Bible Study: Becky Meyer

Responsibilities of Women's Ministry Leaders

Women's Ministry Coordinator:  Oversee Women's Ministry Activities
Bible Study Coordinator:  Helps with material selection. Sets up calendar for the study. Bible Study groups are independent.
Altar Coordinator:  Coordinates calendar for the altar flowers and reminds person responsible of their day/month to serve if flowers are donated in honor of special occasion. Silk flowers will be used at all other times.
Condolence Coordinator:  Responsible for contacting the family if a funeral lunch is provided. Arranges for food donations, servers and cleanup. May call others to help.
Nursery Coordinator:  Recruit workers for nursery. Maintains supplies and standard of cleanliness for children’s area.
Encouragement Coordinator:  Sends cards to the ill, shut-ins, birth and sympathy from the Women’s Ministry. May provide help or helpers if needed to those in need or encouragement.
Quilting Coordinator:  Oversees quilting projects. Purchases necessary materials (to be paid for by Women’s Ministry)
Kitchen Coordinator: Keeps the kitchen pantry filled and organizes cleaning days.
Meal Coordinator: Arranges meals (Sign-up Genius) for those with a new baby, illness, funerals, encouragement needs.

We are very thankful for our Women’s Ministries and those that have committed to taking a leadership role. Please remember them daily in your prayers as they serve the Lord and significantly add to the overall ministry of WLC.