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Rex Howe

Senior Pastor

Website: https://rexhowe.com/

I enjoy my family, local church life, golf, writing, reading, and tinkering in my garage. I am on a journey to know and serve Jesus. I want to be a life giver, not exactly like Jesus (that’s blasphemous), but like him in the way the Holy Spirit intends for a Christian to be. My alma maters have guided my passions too: I want to train faithful servants for tomorrow—today, and I want to teach truth and love well. I completed studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in Dallas, TX and Tri-State Bible College in South Point, OH with an emphasis in New Testament Studies, and I currently serve the local Christian community at West Lisbon Church in Lisbon, IL. Go Lions!

Eutheiai Triboi or in Greek Ευθειαι Τριβοι means “level paths” or “straight paths.” I borrowed the expression from both Isaiah 40:3 and Mark 1:3. Isaiah speaks of valleys that must be elevated and mountains that must be leveled so that all the earth may see the glory of the Lord when he comes. Mark quotes Isaiah concerning John the Baptist as “the one crying in the wilderness, ‘Prepare the way for the Lord, make his paths straight.'” I believe that Mark illustrates the purpose of John’s ministry as eliminating the “valleys and mountains” in people’s lives by calling for repentant hearts so that they could truly “see” the Lord Jesus when he arrived on the scene. Throughout Mark’s gospel, those who should see Jesus do not see him, but those whom we wouldn’t expect to see him, are actually the ones who do. I hope that this blog, Level Paths, will bring clarity to certain theological, biblical, church and life issues so that “valleys and mountains” are eliminated, and together, we are able to see God more clearly. I hope that this clarity will happen both as a result of my writing and as a result of our dialogue in the comment section(s) of the blog. Thanks for reading and commenting. May God’s favor shine on you today.

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Emma Smith

Custodian/Facilities Manager


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Tee Meyer

Church Secretary/Office Manager

Office: (815) 736-6331