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The Smiths live and serve with the Asmat Safan people in Papua, Indonesia. Most people in Indonesia are Muslim, however the Asmat Safan people still believe in a complex spiritual world and live in fear of their ancestor’s spirits. Many Cults have been started in the name of “Christianity”. The main “pastor” of the area is also the leading area “witch” doctor. People are hungry for the truth, but God’s Word is not available in the Asmat Safan language. The Asmat region is not very hospitable. Please pray for their safety and that they would be well received by the Asmat people and remote villages. That God would open doors for communication and connection to this ever-distant people group of the word.

The Asmat Safan people live along the coast line that is virtually a swamp, of which is known to have snakes, crocodiles and malaria to be extremely common. The only way in and out of their villages is by small boat. A float plan that can land on the river is also available, thanks in part to the ministry of Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) who also live and serve in the village full-time, alongside two other American Missionary families on their team. Food and supplies for the Smiths come periodically via the float plane. There is no electricity, plumbing, or clean water in the village, so the Smiths live “off-the-grid” with solar electricity. Due to part in this, they must collect, conserve and filter their own water continuously. Please keep them in your prayers for their safety from the natural habitat, as well as their health with the water issues. Especially pray for the children as they learn to adapt to such a region and yet still want to run and explore in this exciting region they now call home.

Andy and Jenny will begin the long-term process of learning the Asmat language and writing it down for the first time. They will then begin the arduous task of teaching literacy throughout the village to prepare the way for the Bible translation. To say this will keep them busy for the next couple decades is an understatement! Please hold them in prayer as they help to reach and teach the 15,000 Asmat people, God’s people, who are in desperate need of Bible translation, teaching and discipleship. In need to learn of and come to know the one true God, The Savior of the World. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is to reach this remote part of the world! For the wisdom, strength and patience to endure their call to duty.


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Andy and Jenny Smith
P.O. Box 369
Sentani 99352 Papau

(630) 251-6080 (USA)
62.812.4752.0332 (Indonesia)