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Share the Gospel in 25 Words or Less

I sense a call from the Lord this year to be more intentional about sharing my faith in the gospel of Jesus. Around the office, we say our word for this new year is “Clarity.” This extends to the gospel and sharing our faith too. I’d like to include all of you with me in a fun challenge this year.  

I got the idea from a Moody Radio email (they always have good ideas!), maybe you received it too. Here’s the link:

And here’s a summary of the challenge:

  1. Write a gospel presentation in 25 words or less.

  2. Write how you put your faith in the gospel in 25 words or less.

  3. Share the gospel this year with 25 people or less! 

Now, some of you may get to knock out 25 people all at once - if you have a speaking/teaching platform of some kind, if you get to offer a word or eulogy at a funeral, if you get to speak before praying at a family or work function, etc. Other times, it may look like a one-on-one opportunity with a friend or co-worker who is hurting. The Bible is so clear that sin is our biggest problem for which God has provided the remedy in Jesus Christ.

We don’t need a church program to evangelize. As Paul told Timothy, “Do the work of an evangelist” (2 Tim. 4:5). Let’s take up an evangelistic challenge in 2020 and see what God’s Spirit does!

Posted by Rex Howe