Scripture: Jonah 4:1-11 Biblical Idea: God orchestrated a series of appointments to expose Jonah’s heart. Timeless Truth: God appoints circumstances to expose our fickleness or faith toward his freedom. Today’s Message: Cool off an angry heart with compassion.

Make the turn

Biblical Idea: God steered his conflicted prophet to a conflicted people to encounter his compassionate presence. Timeless Truth: Repentance is always a right response. Today’s Message: Make the turn.

Let the Lord in.

Scripture: Jonah 1:17-2:10 Biblical Idea: The Lord sent a sea monster motel to save his sinking servant. Timeless Truth: Proximity does not prohibit prodigal potential. Today’s Message: Let the Lord in.

Reverse rogue routes.

Series Title: M.I.A. - Steering Servants back to Stewardship Scripture: Jonah 1:1–16 Biblical Idea: Jonah attempted to flee from making God’s presence known in Nineveh. Timeless Truth: God is free and present. Today’s Message: Reverse rogue routes.

Make disciples.

Scripture: Matthew 28:1–20 Biblical Idea: Christ’s resurrection prompted four groups of messengers to action. Heavenly Authenticators (28:1–10) Faithful Women (28:1, 8-9) Deceitful Stewards (28:11–15) Commissioned Disciples (28:16–20) Timeless Truth: Jesus Christ is preeminent in the kingdom economy. Today’s Message: Make disciples. Go to Christ. Go out with Christ’s authority. Go out with Christ’s clarity. Go out with Christ’s presence.

Easter Sunrise Service

Good Friday Service

Good Friday Special Worship Service - The God of the Cross - Pastor Rex discusses Piper’s Fifty Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die (available as a free download on

Biblical Idea: Three groups encounter Christ in his temple resulting in different responses. Timeless Truth: Jesus is the Messiah. Today’s Message: Reset your resignation regarding Christ.

Lay Up to Lay Down

Biblical Idea: Jesus explained the connection between heavenly spirituality and kingdom economy. Timeless Truth: Our heavenly Father is reliable and worthy. Today’s Message: Lay Up to Lay Down—Four Key Decisions to Your Spirituality and Stewardship in the Kingdom Economy. Which Path? Which Spirituality? Which Foundation? Which Master?

Freely forgive to freely pray.

Biblical Idea: Jesus conditioned a model of pure prayer to our heavenly Father. Timeless Truth: Forgiving forgiven followers conditions the fellowship of prayer with our forgiving Father. Today’s Message: Freely forgive to freely pray. Remember to: Repent, Reconcile, Restore