Test the Character Consistency of your Love

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:4–7 Biblical Idea: Paul dissected the character of the gospel ethic of love against the flawed Corinthian view of spirituality. Timeless Truth: The Holy Spirit empowers a new Christ-looking love of being and doing. Today’s Message: Test the character consistency of your love.

Steward the Savior's Stability

Bible Idea: During a night vision about future beastly kingdoms, God showed Daniel that God's Son will rule forever. Timeless Truth: Beastly kingdom settings provide opportunities to witness to Christ's everlasting kingdom. Today's Message: Steward the Savior's stability in earth's elevator of empires.

Pump Hope Against Futility

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:1–26 Biblical Idea: The Preacher found that only a return to the basic duty to please God could rescue from the edge of despair. Timeless Truth: The friction of Spiritual living in a futile world accomplishes the Spirit’s aim (Romans 8:20). NOTE: “Spiritual” is capitalized on purpose. Today’s Message: Pump hope against the futility for a friction that generates spiritual profit in 2020.

Fear the Lord to Redeem Wisdom

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1:12–18 Biblical Idea: The Preacher personally investigated life’s great enigmas by means of his wisdom, which proved unreliable for resolution and closure. Timeless Truth: God has always wanted to shepherd human wisdom. Today’s Message: Fear the Lord to redeem wisdom.

The Second Advent

Jesus is the Prince of Peace

Submit to God for a Sanctifying Sojourn

Scripture: 2 Kings 17 Bible Idea: After 200 years of rebellion against prophetic warning, the northern kingdom of Israel fell to Assyria and went into exile. Timeless Truth: Sin always leads to exilic experiences, but God can transform us in exilic experiences for his overall plan and glory. Today’s Message: Submit to God for a sanctifying sojourn.

Bible Idea: Early Christian preaching to believers facing dangerous adversity encouraged present faith by tying it to future realities. Timeless Truth: Faith bridges the present and the future for living trust in God’s promise. Today’s Message: Anticipate the certainty of the future today.

Contribute to the Mission of the Eternal God

Bible Idea: Paul’s farewell aimed to strengthen his fellowship with the Roman believers in three ways. Timeless Truth: A mercy-transformed, truth-pursuing team working in God’s strength is a Satan-crushing force in the world. Today’s Message: Contribute to the Evil-Crushing Mission of the Eternal God.