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Sunday Service Update 2/14/21

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Dear WLC,  Due to the extremely cold weather and blowing snow that is expected, we are cancelling church and any youth activities tomorrow (Sunday, February 14, 2021). We hope this will be the last time this year. Stay safe and warm. ~The Council

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Sunday Service Update 1/31/21

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Dear Church Family,

In light of the icy road conditions, we're cancelling the service tomorrow morning. If you've missed any of the recent sermons, this is a good chance to catch up. You can find them all here.
While we won't be seeing one another in person tomorrow, consider calling someone to share what you're learning and pray together.
See you next Sunday,
Joel Meyer and Rich Mickelson on behalf of the Council and Deacons
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WLC Reopening Guidelines for Worshipers

WLC Reopen Process and Guidelines

These Guidelines are effective for Sundays, starting June 7th. At our monthly Council meeting, these guidelines will be subject to modification as deemed necessary by the West Lisbon Church Council. Any modifications will be communicated to the congregation.

Worship Service

  • First and foremost, please remain at home and worship via the Live Stream if you have any concerns about physically gathering for worship. If you are sick, please stay at home. If you have a compromised immune system, please stay at home. Let me be clear, even though we are deciding to reopen with guidelines, the potential for risk still exists.
  • Secondly, come to worship, but come filled with the Holy Spirit and the Christian bond of peace and love. At West Lisbon Church, we have a congregation whose members have a variety of opinions on this whole coronavirus thing. I ask you to be civil, humble, and respectful of one another as we return to worship together. For example, some are “waiting at the door” so to speak to get back in on Sunday morning. Others still won’t feel ready to return. Both kinds of people belong to the Lord; we must be careful not to unfairly judge the Lord’s servants.
  • Thirdly, the Deacons, Trustees, Officers, and Pastor agree on the following guidelines for reopening West Lisbon Church for in-person worship. They are:
    • Masks - We will make disposable masks available and optional.
    • Entry & Spacing - When you enter the Sanctuary, please try to avoid crowding in the main entry. The points of entry to the building will be the main sanctuary entrance and the west fellowship hall entrance under the carport. Spacing is a great way for us to show respect for one another during this time. All other entries will be inaccessible. Every other pew will be closed, and our Ushers will provide guidance to make sure side-to-side seating keeps an appropriate physical distance. When you enter, you may sit in the open pews, but please understand that the Ushers may respectfully ask you to move in order to best utilize the seating that we have.
    • Overflow & Capacity - With the arrangement of every other pew, we have capacity for 100 worshipers. In the event that we exceed that number during this special time, we will provide overflow in the Fellowship Hall where the Live Stream will be available. Regarding restrooms, there should be no more than 5 people in the restrooms at a time. 
    • Greetings - Some people are already comfortable with hugs and handshakes. Other people are very much not okay with that much contact at this time. Be respectful in your greetings to one another. Ask if you aren’t sure. Modify your greeting and make it fun—try an elbow or boot bump. 
    • Communion - Since we are just getting organized for meeting again, we’ll re-introduce communion at a later gathering.
    • Offering - We still invite everyone to participate in online giving to the Operating Fund at Please note that the all online giving goes to the Operating Fund only. Giving to other accounts (e.g., missions, repair, memorial, youth, etc.) requires a handwritten check or cash with a written designation for those accounts. If you’ll continue mailing your checks in, let me invite you to do so early in the week, so that all checks can make it to our treasurer in bulk rather than in trickles. Upon returning, an offering box or basket will be located near the main Sanctuary entrance. Please drop your offering in the receptacle as you exit the worship service. The Trustees will collect and count the offerings as usual. Gentlemen, please wash your hands after counting the money and avoid touching your face during the counting process.
    • Bulletins - There will be two bulletins pre-placed per open pew. The online bulletin will still be available.
    • Water Fountain - The water fountain will be closed until further notice.
    • Hand Sanitizer - We have some at the church, but could use more as supplies diminish. If you can help with increasing our supplies, please talk to Emma Smith.
    • Cleaning - Our custodian, Emma Smith, has been regularly ventilating and disinfecting the building. She will continue to do so after each worship gathering. You can help lighten her load by picking up after yourself, not leaving trash behind in the pews, and by avoiding contact with door handles, light switches, etc.
    • Live Stream with People in the Building - The Live Stream will continue even after reopening, which means that you will be on camera at some point. By attending worship at West Lisbon, you are also agreeing to be viewed via the Live Stream of West Lisbon Church.
    • Exit - After the closing blessing, the worship team will play instrumental music. Please wait for the Ushers to dismiss your pew. It will be much like a wedding or a funeral in that way. The goal is to avoid a crowd in the main entryway. Once outdoors, feel free to visit.
Posted by Deacons of WLC