Unforeseen Light

Unforeseen Light Introductory Illustration I. Unmistakable Matthew 16:24-28 II. Unexplainable Matthew 17:1-8 III. Journey into the secret place- Grotta Azzura Conclusion 1. Do you want to catch a glimpse of the light of heaven in your secret, specially designed for you, place? 2. Do you want to know the glorified Jesus for Who He really is?

The Force Within You

The Force within You Illus. I. Back to The Journey Matthew 8- II. Dynamite on Display Matthew 9- III. He that is Greater Matthew 12- IV. The Greatest Power V. A demons Hope Conclusion Your soul, cannot and will not be VOID of a spiritual presence.

Join the Harvest

Shine the Light

Intro: Rafting trip I. The SpotLight Exodus 12 II. Who gets spotted by such a great light? III. What Purpose did the First Passover Serve? Matthew 21 IV. Does the story of the first Passover still shine its light on some today? Conclusion: Are we content to see Jesus only as the lamb of God, or will we begin to believe in HIM for Who He really is?

Remain In Christ

Be Encouraged

BE ENCOURAGED Ephesians 3:14-19 I. The Reason for the Prayer (3:14) II. The Addressee of the Prayer (3:14-15) III. The Content of the Prayer (3:16-19) A. To Be Strengthened with Power (3:16) B. To Have Christ Dwelling in Them Through Faith (3:17a) C. To Know Christ's Love (3:17b-19a) D. To Be Filled with All the Fullness of God (3:19b)

Natural or Supernatural?

Natural or Supernatural Matthew 6 I. Natural Blemishes. Matthew 6:1-8 II. Supernatural Traits Matthew 6: 9-14 III. Determining Factors Matthew 6: 19-24 Conclusion Matthew 6: 25-33 Life in Christ’s kingdom is Supernatural. Only those Reborn of The Holy Spirit can know, experience and live in it.

The Call to Sea Life

Matthew 5 The Call to Sea Life. Intro- Below the surface I. What are we looking for in Kingdom Ministry? Matthew 5:1-10 II. How do we respond in Kingdom Ministry, especially, the last statement of Christ? Matthew 5: 11-12 III. How do we live and minister as members of Christ’s Kingdom? Salt, Light and loving the enemy. Matthew 5:13-48 Conclusion Illus. Juan Carlos Are we ready to “SEA LIFE” ?

Matthew 3,4 I. The Preamble (The Intent of the Law) II. The King’s Preparation III. The King’s Proclamations A. Defining the Kingdom of God. B. Historic Views of The Kingdom. (The Kingdom of God can be understood as the spiritual and physical realm where Christ or His Holy Spirit is present) *Map Closing- Our Monarch, our King is Christ. Finally, what will it take for each of us to fully surrender to The King, right now, right here in His Kingdom?

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