Embrace your place in the family.

Text: Paul explained how adoption into God’s family legally changes our spiritual life obligations. Timeless Truth: Adoption introduces you to the hope-filled realities of your new family. Today: Embrace your place in the family.

Text: Our union with Christ awakens the Christian to sin’s exploitation of the good law, which arouses an internal conflict, in which we long for Christ’s deliverance. Timeless Truth: Sanctification has always been a struggle for every believer. Today: Mortify the flesh with the power and hope of Christ by the Spirit.

Freed from the Law to be Joined to Christ

Verse 1-3  - A liberating truth: The Law no longer has jurisdiction over those who have died. Example: A woman is bound by Law to her husband in this life only. Verse 4 - A liberating purpose: You died to the Law so you could be joined to Christ. Verse 5-6 - Two different kinds of fruit from two different kinds of unions
. Joined to the Law: Fruit for death. Joined to Christ: Fruit for God.

Place Yourself in God’s Service

Text: Believers who have been set free from sin’s slavery leading to death are now placed into the service of God, leading to obedient holiness and righteousness on our way to eternal life. Timeless Truth: “You’ve Gotta Serve Somebody” - Bob Dylan (1979) Today: Place yourself in God’s service for a life that is holy and eternal.

Text: Paul explained that the believer’s participation in the Christ event is a transfer of one’s existence and allegiance that causes grace to abound to life not license. Theology: The anticipation or fulfillment of the Christ event has always sanctified believers. Today: Write and implement a sanctification work plan.

The Formula of Faith

The God who Justifies

Text: Paul endeavored to show that his doctrine of justification by faith alone had ancient roots and contemporary relevance for the Roman church. Theology: God has always been free to justify by grace through faith in Christ. Today: Count on the God Who Justifies in Life and Ministry.


Text: In justification by faith, Paul declared God's Christ-centered solution to the sentencing of the human condition. Theology: God has removed all impediments to a relationship with him through faith in Jesus Christ. Today: Evangelize.

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