The Formula of Faith

The God who Justifies

Text: Paul endeavored to show that his doctrine of justification by faith alone had ancient roots and contemporary relevance for the Roman church. Theology: God has always been free to justify by grace through faith in Christ. Today: Count on the God Who Justifies in Life and Ministry.


Text: In justification by faith, Paul declared God's Christ-centered solution to the sentencing of the human condition. Theology: God has removed all impediments to a relationship with him through faith in Jesus Christ. Today: Evangelize.

Text: Paul used a string of poetic and prophetic Scriptures to summarize humanity’s total depravity, silencing and sentencing all under sin. Theology: The silencing and sentencing of depraved humanity leaves all people in a position of absolute dependence on the grace and mercy of God. Today: Acknowledge the reality of depravity to minister effectively.

Unmask your Life for God’s Glory

Text: Paul sharpened his prosecution against the advantaged Jew by exposing his failure to secure justification before God because of disobedience to the law. Theology: God stands in judgment against the religious hypocrite, unless he finds freedom in God’s provision. Today: Unmask your life and ministry for God’s glory to shine to others.

Ministry Eagerness and The Gospel

Text: Paul’s Unashamed Pride in the Gospel Explained His Eagerness to Preach & Partner with the Romans Believers. Theology: Pride in the Gospel Motivates Eagerness for Ministry. Today: Mount Ministry Eagerness onto Gospel Explanations.

Diving Deeper: Worship

Dive deeper this summer into the Bible's posture, attitude, service, life, location, and object for the Christian worshiper.

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