Jesus and the Deaf Man - Jesus and the Gentiles - Jesus and the Bread of Life - Jesus and the Leaven of the Pharisees - Jesus and the Deaf Men

The Gift of Disagreement The Gift of Grace The Gift for the Other

Buckets of Belief, Responses to Differences, The Greatest Thing, The Wise Response

Wash your hands (v.1-5) A Vain Holiness (v. 6-8) Washing your hands (v. 9-13) True Defilement (14)

The Light of Easter

Easter Doubt. Easter Hope. Easter Mission.

The Light Comes to Jerusalem

Jesus’ Triumphal Entry. Jesus’ Invitation to Light. Jesus’ Coming Victory.

The Compassion of Jesus. The Command of Jesus. The Greatness of Jesus.

Three responses to the Kingdom. Confidence and courage for the mission.

Three lives. Two responses. One faith.

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