Biblical Idea: Three groups encounter Christ in his temple resulting in different responses. Timeless Truth: Jesus is the Messiah. Today’s Message: Reset your resignation regarding Christ.

Lay Up to Lay Down

Biblical Idea: Jesus explained the connection between heavenly spirituality and kingdom economy. Timeless Truth: Our heavenly Father is reliable and worthy. Today’s Message: Lay Up to Lay Down—Four Key Decisions to Your Spirituality and Stewardship in the Kingdom Economy. Which Path? Which Spirituality? Which Foundation? Which Master?

Freely forgive to freely pray.

Biblical Idea: Jesus conditioned a model of pure prayer to our heavenly Father. Timeless Truth: Forgiving forgiven followers conditions the fellowship of prayer with our forgiving Father. Today’s Message: Freely forgive to freely pray. Remember to: Repent, Reconcile, Restore

Request our Father’s presence.

Scripture: Matthew 6:9-10 Biblical Idea: Jesus prescribed a model prayer to our heavenly Father. Timeless Truth: Kingdom people request God’s presence. Today’s Message: Request our Father’s presence.

Test the Character Consistency of your Love

Scripture: 1 Corinthians 13:4–7 Biblical Idea: Paul dissected the character of the gospel ethic of love against the flawed Corinthian view of spirituality. Timeless Truth: The Holy Spirit empowers a new Christ-looking love of being and doing. Today’s Message: Test the character consistency of your love.

Steward the Savior's Stability

Bible Idea: During a night vision about future beastly kingdoms, God showed Daniel that God's Son will rule forever. Timeless Truth: Beastly kingdom settings provide opportunities to witness to Christ's everlasting kingdom. Today's Message: Steward the Savior's stability in earth's elevator of empires.

Pump Hope Against Futility

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 2:1–26 Biblical Idea: The Preacher found that only a return to the basic duty to please God could rescue from the edge of despair. Timeless Truth: The friction of Spiritual living in a futile world accomplishes the Spirit’s aim (Romans 8:20). NOTE: “Spiritual” is capitalized on purpose. Today’s Message: Pump hope against the futility for a friction that generates spiritual profit in 2020.

Fear the Lord to Redeem Wisdom

Scripture: Ecclesiastes 1:12–18 Biblical Idea: The Preacher personally investigated life’s great enigmas by means of his wisdom, which proved unreliable for resolution and closure. Timeless Truth: God has always wanted to shepherd human wisdom. Today’s Message: Fear the Lord to redeem wisdom.

The Second Advent

Jesus is the Prince of Peace

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