Purify the Genuineness of your Love

Bible Idea: Paul expected the mercies of God to create a transformed community among the Roman house churches. Timeless Truth: Abiding in God’s mercies cultivates obedience. Today’s Message: Make a transformative decision this week to purify the genuineness of your love.

Surprise Others with His Kindness

1. David surprised Mephibosheth by his kindness (2 Sam. 9) 2. God has surprised us by his kindness to us in Jesus Christ (Eph. 2:7). 3. God gives Believers his Spirit so we can surprise others with his kindness.

The Mystery of Israel’s Salvation

Fuel Life and Ministry and Grace

Text: Paul believed God’s faithful grace to be the driving force behind his patience with Israel and his expansion to the Gentiles. Timeless Truth: God's faithful grace gave Jesus who called out a remnant to continue his mission. Today: Fuel life and ministry with grace.

Step and Speak into Timely Situations

Text Summary: Paul positioned life in Christ nearby to all through the preaching of the gospel. Timeless Truth: God’s freedom to accurately elect positioned Jesus’ salvation near to all through preaching. Today: Step and Speak into Timely Situations to Bring Christ’s Salvation Near.

Aim with the Spirit!

Text: A glorious future freedom that outweighs the present shared lament awaits God’s children and the creation as they endure for the unseen hope and as they experience the Spirit’s aim. Timeless Truth: As the Spirit fulfills his aim from suffering to glory, he fixes the gospel of Jesus Christ as the lens through which we interpret our hope, our suffering, and our prayerful participation. Today: Aim with the Spirit!

Embrace your place in the family.

Text: Paul explained how adoption into God’s family legally changes our spiritual life obligations. Timeless Truth: Adoption introduces you to the hope-filled realities of your new family. Today: Embrace your place in the family.

Text: Our union with Christ awakens the Christian to sin’s exploitation of the good law, which arouses an internal conflict, in which we long for Christ’s deliverance. Timeless Truth: Sanctification has always been a struggle for every believer. Today: Mortify the flesh with the power and hope of Christ by the Spirit.

Freed from the Law to be Joined to Christ

Verse 1-3  - A liberating truth: The Law no longer has jurisdiction over those who have died. Example: A woman is bound by Law to her husband in this life only. Verse 4 - A liberating purpose: You died to the Law so you could be joined to Christ. Verse 5-6 - Two different kinds of fruit from two different kinds of unions
. Joined to the Law: Fruit for death. Joined to Christ: Fruit for God.

Place Yourself in God’s Service

Text: Believers who have been set free from sin’s slavery leading to death are now placed into the service of God, leading to obedient holiness and righteousness on our way to eternal life. Timeless Truth: “You’ve Gotta Serve Somebody” - Bob Dylan (1979) Today: Place yourself in God’s service for a life that is holy and eternal.

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