Remember Who’s in the Boat with You

Build for Eternity

The Kingdom

The Blessing

Sermon Title: The Blessing Scripture: Numbers 6:22–27 Biblical Idea: The Lord wished to impose his blessing on Israel. Timeless Truth: The Lord always wishes to bless people who will trust and obey him and his word. Today’s Message: Live eternally whole in Christ.

Persist in Prayer.

Series Title: Walk in the Light. Series Subtitle: Christ's Message for a Culture in Crisis (Studies in 1 John) Sermon Title: Persist in Prayer. Scripture: 1 John 5:14–21 Biblical Idea: John taught how to prayerfully approach sin in the believing community. Timeless Truth: Prayer is the timeless calling upon the sin-fractured community. Today’s Message: Respond to sin with prayer.

Put Your Assurance to Work.

Series Title: Walk in the Light. Series Subtitle: Christ’s Message for a Culture in Crisis (Studies in 1 John) Sermon Title: Put Your Assurance to Work. Scripture: 1 John 5:6-13 Biblical Idea: John assured remaining believers of their life in Jesus’ name. Timeless Truth: Christians continue through collisions with confidence in Jesus’ reputation. Today’s Message: Resurrect your assurance by practicing victory in Christ.

Life In Christ's Kingdom

Opening Illustration: The banquet, immeasurable and infinite Text- 1 John 4:7-21 Vs. 7-9 God’s love is ___________less V. 10 God’s love makes us __________less Vs. 11-17 God’s love has defeated ____________ness Gen. 1: 26,27 Vs. 18-21 God’s love commands us to be _________less Conclusion- Life in Christ’s Kingdom is based on ______________.

Test the S/spirit(s)

Biblical idea: John exhorted the church to test the spirits of bogus prophets based upon true confession and true conduct. Timeless truth: The Holy Spirit’s testimony is always compatible with the word of God. Today’s Message: Determine the genuineness of the indwelling Spirit.

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