The First Missionary Journey

The First Missionary Journey Acts 13 Passage Outline: v1-4: Antioch Church & the First Missionaries v4-12: Obedience, Opposition, and Conversion in Paphos v13-41: Paul’s Speech v13-25: What God Has Done v26-29: What Man Has Done v30-31: “But God...” v32-37: Jesus Fulfills the Scriptures v38-39: Forgiveness and Freedom v40-41: The Warning v42-52: Obedience, Opposition, and Conversion in Antioch Pisidia Application: Are you seeking, are you opposing, or are you obedient?

The Work of God

Acts 12- The work of God Introduction- Good people gone I. Death and a praying church. II. A Miraculous rescue. III. More death, yet God lives. Conclusion- Are we dispensable?

The Tale of Two Churches

Sermon Notes - Mark Johnson - Acts 11 The tale of Two Churches Introduction- Church J and Church A. I. Get on board or get left behind. vs. 1-18 II. Pure Evangelism vs. 19-21 III. Get up and live radically. Vs. 22-25 Conclusion - What makes for the greatest environment for children and young people in the church?


Saul and Ananias Respond to Jesus

1. He calls his people by name. 2. He identifies with his people. 3. He transforms his people. 4. He uses his people.

True Identity

Acts 8 True Identity Intro. The orchard I. Identifiable Traits vs. 1-3 Illus. The enemy II. Questionable Identity vs. 4-25; Desiring to Control. Illus. Megan and Kate III. Unquestionable Identity vs. 26-39: Willingness to Surrender. Conclusion- Your Identity cannot and should not be disguised no matter what the cost, on earth or in heaven.

Acts 7 Fearlessly speaking the truth no matter what the cost. Intro- The law suit I. The Truth of Abraham II. The Truth of Joseph III. The Truth of Moses IV. The Truth of David and Solomon V. Truth has Consequences Conclusion- A fearless Faith should teach us to stand on the side of Truth No Matter What the cost.

The Call to Service

Acts 6 - The Call to Service *Opening Illus. I. Why does The Holy Spirit call people to serve The Kingdom of Christ? II. Who does The Holy Spirit call to serve The Kingdom of Christ? III. What are the expected results of The Holy Spirit’s calling? The Great Divide in the Church is revealed A. Those who desire possession of Spiritual power B. Those who are possessed by The Holy Spirit’s power. Closing Illus- The boat in the ocean.

What got into your heart?

Title: What got into your heart? 1. Ananias & Sapphira are filled with deception 2. The religious authorities are filled with jealousy and rage 3. Peter and the apostles are filled with the Spirit 4. Peter's journey from self to Spirit What are you filled with and where are you on your journey?

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