Luke 1:26-38

Better than I could have ever dreamed! Intro. Christmas 1964 I. Incarnational Appearances. II. The Annunciation. Vs. 26-30 III. The Planned Adoption. Vs. 31-38 Conclusion- Christmas 1960 Better than We could have ever dreamed!

The Sovereignty of God

Hearing and Seeing the Sovereignty of God In Storms, Shipwrecks and Serpents. Key verse - Chapter 28: 26,27

Acts 24-26

United We Stand

Seeking God's Will

Finishing Well

Acts 20 Title- Finishing Well. Key Verse- Acts 20:24 But I do not account my life of any value nor as precious to myself, if only I may finish my course and the ministry that I received from the Lord Jesus, to testify to the gospel of the grace of God.

Would You Rather?

Series: “Come and See” at West Lisbon Title: Would You Rather? Text: Acts 19 Preaching Date: October 31, 2021 Introduction: ‘Would you rather?’ game. Organizational Sentence: This passage presents 5 gospel ‘would you rathers?’ Outline: 1. Would you rather have powerless morality or life in the Spirit? (1-7) 2. Would you rather have empty religion or a universal message? (8-10) 3. Would you rather have false spirituality or the power of God? (11-20) 4. Would you rather have dirty money or eternal riches? (21-27) 5. Would you rather have the last word or be salt and light? (28-41) Bottom Line: The gospel is both a 1-time choice and an every single day choice.

Be an Encourager

BE AN ENCOURAGER Acts 18:1-28 You encourage others by… 1. Being a friend. 2. Being a loyal friend. 3. Being hospitable 4. Sharing your faith 5. Praying and listening to God 6. Discipling them

Make Known the “Unknown God”

Paul preaches in 3 cities ● Thessalonica 17:1-9 ● Berea 17:10-15 ● Athens 17:16-34 Takeaways From Acts 17 1. Idolatry-is it still around today? 2. You can be ____________ and not know and believe the ___________. 3. Connect and help others discover the “___________________.”

Where are you imprisoned?

Acts 16 Intro. Irresponsible I. Investing Vs. 1-5 A. What price will we pay? II. Immediate Vs. 6-10 A. Changing course. III. Inviting Vs. 11-15 A. Open Heart, Open Home. IV. Jailhouse Rocked Vs. 16-40 A. Where are you imprisoned? Conclusion- What kind of Parent or grandparent are we?

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