1. Becoming an Exile (Jer. 29:1-3) 2. Living in Exile (Jer. 29:4-6) 3. Hoping in Exile (Jer. 29:8-11, 14-15) 4. Thriving in Exile (Jer. 29:7, 12-13)

“The Day of the Lord” is meant that time when, for his glory and their good, God actively intervenes in the affairs of men in judgment against sin and in connection with his determined will for his own.” 1. Day 1 – The Army of Locust (Past) A Life of Repentance: i. Assemble ii. Lament 2. Day 2 – The Army of Babylon (Coming) A Life of Repentance iii. Fast iv. Repent 3. Day 3 – The Army of the Lord (Future) A Life of Repentance v. Holy Spirit vi. Jesus

1. Three Roles a. Prophet b. Priest c. King 2. Two Goals a. Bring about true justice b. Be the light to the nations 3. One Mission Conquer through suffering. Where are you called to usher in God's justice? Who is the one person you should pray for to be saved?

Israel’s Fall

1. What is one new thing you learned about the book of Hosea? 2. What is one way you could change your life in the coming week in light of this sermon? 3. Who is one person you could share an encouragement from this sermon with this week?

1. The Life of a Cynic 2. The Life of Prayer 3. What is one step you will take this week to foster your own life of prayer?

1. Acknowledge our own need 2. Acknowledge God’s promise keeping 3. Acknowledge the gravity of one’s task 4. Acknowledge God as the source of wisdom 5. Acknowledge God’s blessings in your life

The Sin Spiral Neglecting purpose & responsibility Allows sin to grow in his heart & mind Act out on sinful desires Sin begets more sin Conscience becomes scared The Grace Spiral God intervenes Grace breaks through True Repentance is confessed God’s justice remains

1. Israel Rejects God and Demands a King 2. Samuel Anoints Saul as King 3. God Appoint Saul as King 4. Doubting the King

John’s ministry (the setting, the mission, the message), the people’s response (questions, speculation, rejection) and the superiority of Jesus.

Luke 2:22-40 captures the story of an amazing prophecy about Jesus. Learn from Simeon and Anna on how to prepare for God to do a work through you. We prepare for this by pursuing righteousness, being devoted to the task, listening to the Spirit, and praying and fasting daily.

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