V. 1 Festival of Pentecost (Harvest Festival) V. 2-4a Presence of God (typically marked by wind, fire) V. 4b-8 The Presence is now in the people V. 9-11 God has always been on the same mission (To Fill the world with his presence) Write down a date, time, and place where you will commit to spending 1 hour this week waiting and listening to the Holy Spirit.

The Gospel - The Gospel Implications: The Gospel Changes Our Conversations, The Gospel Changes Our Understanding of the Scriptures, The Gospel Changes Our Purpose, The Gospel Changes Our Attitude

1. The Kingdom of God is like a great reversal. (6:20-23) 2. The Kingdom of God is like a diligent farmer. (9:57-62) 3. The Kingdom of God is like a little bit of yeast. (13:18-20) 4. The Kingdom of God is like a lightning flash. (17:20-25) 5. The Kingdom of God is like a little child. (18:15-17) 6. The Kingdom of God is like a great feast. (22:14-20)

1. Hungry for the Word 2. Celebrate God’s Majesty 3. Weeping over Sin 4. Delighting in God’s Mercy 5. Celebrating Radical Obedience

1. The Grace of God 2. The Law of God 3. The Gospel of Jesus 4. The Mission of God 5. The Blessing of God

1. A New Heart 2. A New Spirit 3. A New Life

1. Becoming an Exile (Jer. 29:1-3) 2. Living in Exile (Jer. 29:4-6) 3. Hoping in Exile (Jer. 29:8-11, 14-15) 4. Thriving in Exile (Jer. 29:7, 12-13)

“The Day of the Lord” is meant that time when, for his glory and their good, God actively intervenes in the affairs of men in judgment against sin and in connection with his determined will for his own.” 1. Day 1 – The Army of Locust (Past) A Life of Repentance: i. Assemble ii. Lament 2. Day 2 – The Army of Babylon (Coming) A Life of Repentance iii. Fast iv. Repent 3. Day 3 – The Army of the Lord (Future) A Life of Repentance v. Holy Spirit vi. Jesus

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