The Supremacy of Christ

Colossians 1:15-20 1. Christ - Creator of All Things 2. Christ - Sustainer of All Things 3. Christ - Reconciler of All Things

Location, Location, Location

Location, Location, Location Colossians 1: 1-14 Intro- The Authors v.1 I. The recipients vs. 2-8 A. Past B. Present C. Future II. What we should expect vs 9-12 Because of III. What He has done. Vs. 13-14 Close- It's all about your location. Dominion or Kingdom.

Remembering the Resurrection!

Luke 24:1-12 Sermon Title: Remembering the Resurrection! The focus is: Remember!

A Sacrificial Anointing John 12:1-8 I. Vs 1-3 Not a Donation, An Investment. II. Vs. 4-6 True generosity creates jealousy. III. Vs 7-8 It is The Holy Spirit Who moves us to Sacrificial giving for His design. Sacrificial giving to those in our presence, proves that they are always Loved and Welcome.

The Prodigal Son, the Proud Son, and the Compassionate Father 1. Luke 15:11-24: The Prodigal Son & Compassionate Father When humble repentance meets God’s compassion, relationship is restored and true love is experienced. 2. Luke 15:25-32: The Proud Son & Compassionate Father When proud performance meets God’s compassion, relationship is rejected and bitterness is experienced. 3. Mark 15:31-37: Christ's Compassion on Display 4. How are you responding to the Father's compassion?

Repentance Required

Repentance Required Summary: Jesus here teaches us the urgency of repentance. Death is the common denominator for everyone. Only repentance can bring life to people. LUKE 13:1--9 I. POLITICAL TRAGEDY, 1-3. II. NATURAL DISASTER, 4-5. III. FRUITLESS LIVES, 6-7. IV. SECOND CHANCES, 8-9.

True Identity Revealed

Opposition from the Start

The Road to the Resurrection and the opposition from the start. Intro.- The Chief end of Man. I. Paradise Lost in the garden. The first Adam II. Paradise Regained at the baptism. The Second Adam, Jesus Christ III. The Temptations. Illus. The magic bakery A. The first temptation B. The second temptation C. The third temptation Illus. Are you promotable? Closing- Where have you decided to live? Key Verse V1 And Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness.

I hate being poor.

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